Cooperatives Working Together announced today that it has accepted a bid from Dairy Farmers of America of Kansas City, Mo, to export 200 metric tons (440,000 pounds) of Cheddar cheese to Tunisia. CWT will pay the export bonus to the bidder, once completion of the cheese shipment is verified.

This accepted bid increases CWT’s total cheese exports since it began operations two years ago to 5,133 tons (11.3 million pounds), and CWT’s total butter exports to 590 tons (1.3 million pounds).  Today’s bid acceptance also brings to 490 metric tons (1.08 million pounds) the amount of cheese that CWT has helped to export so far in 2006.

Through CWT’s Export Assistance program, exports occur as overseas buyers are found for the products, and as CWT’s members bid to be compensated for selling cheese and butter to those importers.

Cooperatives Working Together is being funded by dairy cooperatives and individual dairy farmers, who are contributing 5 cents per hundredweight assessment on their milk production through December 2006. For more on CWT’s activities, visit

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