Cooperatives Working Together announced Tuesday that it accepted seven export assistance bids last week for the sale of cheese, anhydrous milkfat and butter.

The first two bids are from Darigold of Seattle, Wash.:

  • 555,000 pounds (250 metric tons) of Cheddar cheese to Egypt.
  • 440,000 pounds (200 metric tons) of butter to Saudi Arabia

Three bids from Land O’Lakes of Arden Hills, Minn., were accepted:

  • 88,000 pounds (40 metric tons) of Mozzarella cheese to Jordan.
  • 44,000 pounds (20 metric tons) of butter to the Netherlands.
  • 44,000 pounds (20 metric tons) of butter to Bermuda.

One bid from Foremost Farms of Baraboo, Wis., was accepted.

  • 83,600 pounds (38 metric tons) of butter to Kyrgyzstan

One bid from Dairy Farmers of America of Kansas City, Mo., was accepted.

  • 41,800 pounds (19 metric tons) of anhydrous milkfat to Indonesia.

CWT will pay an export bonus to the bidders, once completion of the butter, milkfat and cheese shipments is verified.

These accepted bids increase CWT’s total 2007 export obligations for cheese to 6.2 million pounds (2,826 metric tons), its year-to-date export obligations for butter to 4.6 million pounds (2,086 metric tons) and its year-to-date anhydrous milkfat exports to 125,400 pounds (57 tons).

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Source: Cooperatives Working Together