Cooperatives Working Together announced Friday that it has accepted a total of five bids to help export cheese and butter products.  


The bids include two from WestFarm Foods of Seattle, Wash.:  to export 96,800 pounds (44 metric tons) of Cheddar cheese to Denmark, and an additional 215,600 pounds (98 metric tons) of Cheddar to Egypt.  Another two bids were accepted from Land O’Lakes, Inc., of Arden Hills, Minn.:  176,000 pounds (80 metric tons) of Cheddar to South Korea, and 176,000 pounds (80 metric tons) of Monterey Jack, also to South Korea. Finally, CWT accepted a bid from California Dairies Inc. of Artesia, Calif., for 211,200 pounds (96 metric tons) of European-style butter (82% butterfat) to Egypt.

CWT will pay export bonuses to the three bidding companies, once completion of the shipments is verified.

These accepted bids increase CWT’s total cheese exports in 2006 to 2.05 million pounds (931 metric tons) of cheese.  CWT also has helped export a total of 1.26 million pounds (571 metric tons) of butter so far this year.  

Through CWT’s Export Assistance program, exports occur as overseas buyers are found for the products, and as CWT’s members bid to be compensated for selling cheese and butter to those importers.

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