Cooperatives Working Together announced Friday that it has accepted a bid from WestFarm Foods of Seattle, Wash., to export 211,200 pounds (96 metric tons) of butter to Egypt.  

In addition, CWT accepted three bids from Humboldt Creamery of Fortuna, Calif., to export Whole Milk Powder. Those three bids include: 1,320,000 lbs. (600 metric tons) to Turkey; 44,000 lbs. (20 metric tons) to Mexico; and an additional 44,000 lbs. (20 metric tons) to Viet Nam.

CWT will pay an export bonus to the bidders, once completion of the butter and milk powder shipments is verified.

So far this year, through the export assistance program, CWT has helped export:

  • 3.07 million lbs.   (1,394 metric tons) of butter.
  • 2.28 million lbs (1,035 metric tons) of cheese.
  • 1, 408,000 lbs (640 metric tons) of whole milk powder.

Through CWT’s Export Assistance program, transactions occur as overseas buyers are found for the products, and as CWT’s members bid to be compensated for selling cheese, butter and whole milk powder to those importers.

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