Last week, representatives from the Dairy Business Association and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources signed the industry’s fist Green Tier charter agreement.

The charter is a partnership effort between the DNR and the Dairy Business Association-Green Tier Advancement Project. The goal is to provide opportunities for Wisconsin dairy producers to achieve superior environmental performance by:

  • Outlining model terms for dairy producer participation in Green Tier.
  • Assisting dairy producers, processors, or vertically integrated producer/processors to participate in Green Tier.

According to DNR officials, the charter provides a practical and business-like cooperative initiative that encourages and supports the development of environmental management systems (EMS) for the dairy industry that can be tailored to account for regional and site specific issues. EMS areas include the management of process wastewaters and by-products, manure, storm-water, feed, agricultural chemicals.

The plan also provides opportunities for producers to research and develop agricultural practices in the pursuit of environmental protection, enhancement and conservation.

To download the charter, follow this link (PDF format).

Source: Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources