Dairy producers, through their checkoff investment in research and promotion, are increasing demand for and sales of U.S.-produced dairy ingredients by helping to spur innovation for the U.S. food and beverage industry through dairy manufacturing and ingredient marketing efforts.

Dairy promotion staff works closely with industry partners to provide product research findings and technical assistance to stimulate the development of new products that contain U.S.-produced dairy ingredients. Recent examples currently in the marketplace include:  

  • Kellogg’s Special K2O Protein Waters – Checkoff staff worked with Kellogg’s to supply ingredient information, consumer trends, testing methodologies, and a prototype to help create a new whey protein-enhanced water that will use an estimated 150,000 pounds of whey protein isolate, which requires 25 million pounds of milk annually.
  • SlimFast® Optima™ – Checkoff-funded research on consumer preferences helped justify the reformulation of SlimFast drinks that now contain more real skim milk. This created demand for an estimated 34 to 68 million pounds of milk annually.
  • PepsiCo® Ben & Jerry’s® Milk Shakes – Dairy promotion staff helped in the development of three new indulgent dairy drinks that contain more than 65 percent dairy (skim milk and cream), including 8 percent butterfat. The shakes, bottled in 8-ounce glass containers, will use up to 8 million pounds of milk annually.
  • Next Protein®’s Detour™ Line – Ongoing producer-funded nutrition and technical information helped lead to the creation of a caffeinated whey protein energy bar, a heart-healthy whey protein crisp bar and a whole grain whey protein oat bar. The bars use 50,000 to 100,000 pounds of whey protein, which requires up to 7 million pounds of milk annually.

“Producer-funded product research and innovation, along with insights into consumer preferences, are tools that we provide U.S. dairy ingredient suppliers to help sell U.S. dairy ingredients to food and beverage manufacturers,” said Tom Suber, executive vice president of international marketing for Dairy Management Inc.™, which manages the national dairy checkoff program. “Providing consumers with innovative products that meet their needs and desires for taste, nutrition and convenience will help build dairy sales for both the short- and long-term.”

Dairy Management Inc., press release