In response to the ABC News piece that aired Tuesday night, dairy farmers from across the country are speaking out.

The sensationalism used in these stories is getting harder to watch as a second generation farmer whose family has cared for our animals comfort for nearly 40 years,” says Ray Prock Jr., owner of Ray-Lin Dairy in Denair, Calif. “I feel the media and activist groups use isolated incidents to create a sense of a major problem when quite the opposite is true. “ Read Ray-Lin Dairy's entire blog post here.

“ABC News has aired a story about practices in the dairy industry. I want to first start off by saying that ALL dairy farmers we know take the utmost care of their animals,” says Lisa Zweber, co-owner of Zweber Farms in Elko, Minn.Whether there are 50, 800 or thousands of cows, dairy farmers care.  Farmers will probably tell you stories of the times they put their animals in front of their and their families’ health and care. We hear stories about husbands staying in the barn and arriving moments before a baby is born. All holidays are spent in the barn. Animals are fed in the worst weather imaginable (rain, ice, tornadoes, hurricanes and more) So when a news group decides to show negative images of our industry, we naturally take offense.” Read Zweber Farms entire blog post here.

“First, let me set the story straight, we at Orange Patch Dairy and everyone of our dairy farming neighbors put the welfare and well being of our cows first everyday,” says Shannon Seifert, owner of Orange Patch Dairy in Sleepy Eye, Minn. “We constantly strive to care for our animals, because the better job that we do caring for our cows, the healthier and happier they are. Happy cows make higher quality milk in greater quantities.” Read the entire Orange Patch Dairy blog post here.

Tips, talking points and more information on how you can speak out can be found at myDairy toolkit.

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