Register now for the upcoming Webinar, “Managing the Dairy Replacement Herd.” It is designed to address the importance and renewed interest in heifer management. This heightened awareness is due to higher costs of raising heifers, the increased demand for higher milk production in younger cows and the need to improve dairy cow longevity resulting in greater total productive life, say organizers. It will take place on April 8, from noon until 1 p.m., Central Daylight Time. There is no fee to participate. Presenters will discuss the importance of quantity, quality and timing of colostrum intake, acquiring and monitoring suggested heifer growth rates, review of production cost and improving the health and productivity of the replacement as a dairy cow.

The 40-minute presentation will be conducted by Dave Fischer, University of Illinois extension dairy educator, Mike Hutjens, University of Illinois extension dairy specialist and Dick Wallace, University of Illinois extension dairy veterinarian. To register, click here.

Source: University of Illinois