A group of California dairy producers have joined together to offer a new dairy internship opportunity in Hilmar, Calif.

“One of our goals was to create a more formalized, yet flexible, management level internship program focused on large-scale dairy operations,” explained Richard Clauss, owner of Clauss Jersey Farms.

The program has eight modules to be completed throughout a two-month internship. In addition to basic cow and dairy operations skills, the program highlights management issues, such as employee relations, government regulations and fiscal responsibility. One of the program goals is to develop on-farm employee decision-making skills critical to the long-term success of any dairy business.

“This program will differ from other internships as there are eight dairies working together. Interns will have the opportunity to learn from each other’s experience at the various farms,” noted Charles Ahlem of Ahlem Farms Partnership.

Brett Barlass interned at one of the farms participating in the new internship collaboration. “The West Coast management skills I gained at Jim Ahlem Farms in 2004 were very valuable,” Barlass said. “The internship helped me to obtain a job as manager of Yosemite Jersey Dairy in Hilmar.”

“We are looking for students who want the experience necessary to manage a large-scale dairy operation in the future,” concluded Jim Ahlem.

Applications are due Feb. 15, 2008. For additional information and application materials, go to: www.dairyintern.com.

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