The Center for Dairy Health, Management, and Food Quality at the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine has offered an online DairyCOMP305 training curriculum since 2003. And, it will do so again on Oct. 26.
However, the DC305 online courses that start on Oct. 26 will be the final offering of the original three DC305 courses.  

After six years, the experts feel that it is time to make significant updates to the course materials so that the online courses meet the needs of the users of the DC305 program. University of Minnesota faculty are working closely with Valley Agricultural Software to create a new set of online training courses that will be current with the latest releases of the DairyCOMP305 program  

They anticipate that the new DairyCOMP305 online training curriculum will be available in the 2010 Fall semester.

Meanwhile, click here for online registration and information for the Oct. 26 sessions. The registration deadline is Friday, Oct. 9

Source: University of Minnesota