Prairie Farms Dairy and the Indianapolis Colts are kicking-off the 2005 NFL season throughout Indiana with a special edition dairy product, Blue Raspberry 1% Low Fat Milk.

Available in 16oz. plastic bottles, the label features a blue spotted cow with an Indianapolis Colts helmet. Prairie Farms is also offering the bright blue colored 1% Low Fat Blue Raspberry Milk to Indiana schools in half pint cartons.

In addition, Prairie Farms Blue Raspberry Milk is being featured at Indianapolis Colts home games with unique signage and merchandising throughout the RCA Dome.

Cooperation and support from the American Dairy Association of Indiana has also helped to create Pre-season excitement. Late summer event marketing and back to school dairy initiatives from ADA of Indiana have included the new blue milk from Prairie Farms to strengthen the position of milk as the nutritional beverage of choice among kids and teens.

Prairie Farms Dairy