Northstar Commodity unveiled its Dairy Profit Manager Program this week. The program was designed to help producers maximize profit and manage price risk without using futures and options.

Northstar has developed similar programs for grain and pork producers. The program manages the increased risk by providing access to the expertise of a personal market advisor supported by Northstar Commodity's proprietary analytical software modeling tools, daily market updates, and a weekly newsletter. According to a company press release “the result is disciplined input and selling strategies.”

"Our service is similar to an asset manager instead of a broker or general market advisor. We work with producers to develop effective, personalized strategies, which only apply to their operation. It is based on the success we have had in other livestock markets and works very well for dairy, " says Mark Schultz, senior vice president of Northstar Commodity.

To learn more about the Dairy Profit Manager program, contact Randy Schwake or Mark Schultz at (800) 345-7692 at extension 7541.

Northstar Commodity press release