The Dairy Relief Hurricane Katrina fund collected $41,853 in the three months following the disaster, with donations coming from dairy farmers, farms businesses, dairy cooperatives and 4-H clubs. 

“This disaster hit us on our own soil, and there were many GulfCoast dairy farmers that were devastated by this hurricane. It is heartwarming to see this kind of support from the dairy industry to support their neighbors,” said Carl Baumann, Executive director of Dairy Relief.”

Dairy Relief once again will donate all the monies it collected directly to the Red Cross.

“We have been pleased with Red Cross’s efforts in disaster response and we feel our funds are best spent in their hands,” Baumann said.

They expect to spend more than $2 billion on the largest disaster response in the history of the organization. The estimated costs are as follows: Food and Shelter - $513 million, Emergency Financial Assistance - $1.56 billion, Physical and Mental Health Services - $11 million, Additional Red Cross Support- $121 million.

Formed in 1998, Dairy Relief is the only U.S.-based charitable organization whose sole purpose is providing quality American dairy products to needy people around the world. Dairy Relief is run by a volunteer board of dairy farmers and dairy cooperative executives.  Dairy Relief accepts either tax-deductible cash contributions, or in-kind product contributions. For more information on Dairy Relief, Inc., contact Carl Baumann at (618) 654-3676 or

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