Technology will play a big role in almost every dairy business in the next five to 10 years, but technology adoption comes with both benefits and risks. To help producers understand these benefits and risks, Penn State Dairy Alliance is offering a series of dairy technology conferences at sites across Pennsylvania, starting in February.
“In the next five to ten years, many of Pennsylvania dairies will be faced with the challenge of either modernizing or expanding their business model. Existing and emerging technologies will play a big role in that process and every dairy producer must think about the risks and benefits that technology adoption will have for his or her business,” says Brad Hilty, information management specialist with Penn State Dairy Alliance.
Each Dairy Technology Conference will include presentations about how to identify and evaluate these risks and benefits, plus informational sessions about specific current and emerging technologies, as well as a panel discussion by producers who have adopted these technologies. To help producers determine if a specific technology is right for their dairy, they may attend follow–up workshops where they can create a personalized checklist of the risks and benefits they should evaluate before adopting that technology. In addition, they will learn how to conduct an economic analysis of their investment.
Sites and dates for the conferences and follow-up workshops include:

  • Blair County: Arena Restaurant, Bedford, Pa. Feb.17; March 9 – Follow-up workshop.
  • Mercer County: Penn State Cooperative Extension in Mercer County, Mercer, Pa. Feb. 18; March 11 Follow-up workshop.
  • Harrisburg area: Four Points Sheraton, Harrisburg, Pa. Feb. 24; March 16 Follow-up workshop at Penn State Harrisburg, Middletown, Pa. 
  • Bradford County: Troy Firehall, Troy, Pa. Feb. 25; March 18 Follow-up workshop at Edgewood Restaurant, Troy, Pa.

Pre-registration is required. More information

Source: Penn State Dairy Alliance