Last week, the International Dairy Federation’s Jim Begg told the Dairy Reporter that the industry should not rule out using products like recombinant bovine growth hormone to help boost milk supply, but must do more to prove any potential benefits to consumers and alleviate potential consumer concern.

These comments were offered about the developments regarding manufacturer and retailer reluctance to accept milk that may include the synthetic hormone. The article also touches on the recent sale of Posilac by Monsanto, and the potential of the technology to increase world-wide milk supplies.

Meanwhile, other organizations have taken a different view of the technology.

Some, like the International Dairy Foods Association, support the use of labels — like no rBST — to provide consumers with information about the milk they purchase.

While others, like the Organic Trade Association, deny that there is a current milk shortage and therefore, rBGH is not required.

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Source: Dairy Reporter