Through a unique relationship between Michigan State University and Green Meadow Farms, Inc., veterinary students and others will be able to receive specialized dairy training.

On July 12, the Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine officially opened the MSU Training Center for Dairy Professionals at Green Meadow Farms in Elsie, Mich.

The center utilizes Green Meadow Farms’ 3,500-head dairy herd, facilities and management infrastructure, along with the college’s faculty and facilities, to provide specialized training in dairy practice for veterinary students, pre-veterinary students, graduate veterinarians and other professionals serving the dairy industry.

As the center evolves, it is anticipated that students from the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, as well as students from other universities, will study there.

The center also will provide facilities and demonstration material for the continuing education of veterinarians and other professionals working in the dairy industry and create an infrastructure for clinical research in the health management of dairy cows. Activities and training associated with the center will occur across the entire farm.

The focal point of the center will be a 1,300-square-foot building housing a classroom and computer laboratory, as well as offices for faculty. Also included are a break room and kitchen area and housing for students spending the night at the farm.

In addition, a clinical laboratory, surgery room and large classroom are available on the farm for the center’s activities. A necropsy facility also is proposed.

Michigan State University