A free Webcast will use two case studies on liquid manure accident recovery to demonstrate the practical and legal issues of emergency action plans for animal feeding operations and concentrated animal feeding operations. The free webcast from eXtension begins Friday, July 9 at 1:30 p.m. Central Daylight Time.

Emergency plans are required components of permit nutrient management plans as well as NRCS comprehensive nutrient management plans. A sound emergency plan is good business, protecting farm families, workers and the environment.

The webcast presenters will cover the basics of forming a plan, identifying resources, reporting, manure transportation accidents, over application, considerations for dry manure and litter, in addition to preventive maintenance of manure handling structures.

The presenters include Kevin Erb from the University of Wisconsin extension, Melony Wilson from the University of Georgia, and Shawn Hawkins from the University of Tennessee extension. Tommy Bass from Montana State University will moderate the webcast.

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Source: eXtension.org