Thanks to funding provided by America’s dairy farmers’ Cornell University researchers have found a new method for making mozzarella-type cheeses. The new process leverages a combination of membrane filtration systems and coagulators eliminating the traditional vats.

With the vatless system Mozzarella-type cheese can be made on a continuous basis. This change helps cheesemakers meet growing consumer product demand plus capture whey proteins that are becoming increasingly valuable in nutraceutical applications.

Emerging research indicates that milk-derived proteins may prove beneficial for weight management and the regulation of food intake, hypertension, and muscle metabolism. New and improved fractionation methods, such as this microfiltration process, provide a means to isolate the healthful components in milk and incorporate them into the new products that consumers are beginning to demand.

The project was conducted in conjunction with the Northeast Dairy Foods Research Center, with funding from Dairy Management Inc.

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