Although the USDA crop report doesn’t come out until Friday, you can get Doane’s annual corn and soybean forecast today.

During the past few weeks, Doane crop analysts have logged nearly 3,000 miles in seven primarily Midwestern states walking fields to estimate crop condition and yield potential. And for the first time ever, Doane is making the full report detail, state-by-state (including pictures) available to non-clients and non-subscribers for purchase at   The cost is $10.

Over the past 22 years, the Doane crop estimates have been remarkably close to USDA's crop estimates. And since pre-report trade guesses on what USDA will show are publicized ahead of USDA's report, the Doane estimates offer a helpful perspective on whether the market reaction to the report is more likely to be bullish, bearish or neutral.

Doane Advisory Services in St. Louis is owned by Vance Publishing Corporation, which also owns Dairy Herd Management magazine.