Supplies of feed grains for 2009/10 remained unchanged this month at 398.9 million metric tons, up from 373.7 million in 2008/09. Total use of feed grains is projected at 345.7 million tons, down by 2.9 million from last month due to decreases in feed and residual use for corn, sorghum, and oats and lower food, seed, and industrial use of barley. This is a result of lower-than-expected December- February disappearance as indicated by the March 1 stocks. The decrease in total feed grain use raises 2009/10 ending stocks by 2.9 million tons to 53.2 million this month. In 2008/09, feed grain ending stocks were 47 million tons.

Feed and residual use of feed grains and wheat converted to a September-August marketing year decreased this month by 2.8 million tons at 149.9 million. Grain consuming animal units (GCAU) are projected at 92.17 million this month, versus last month’s 92.3 million units. This month, the lower pig crop more than offset higher poultry numbers. The Quarterly Hogs and Pigs report, released on March 26, indicated a smaller-than-expected March 1 inventory. Feed and residual use per animal unit is 1.63 tons, down from 1.65 tons last month.

Source: ERS/USDA, Feed Outlook