If you haven’t found a flavor of Gatorade that you really like, new research shows you have another alternative for post-exercise refreshment and recovery – chocolate milk.

Researchers at IndianaUniversity in Bloomington compared the recovery response from drinking chocolate milk, Gatorade and Endurox after an intense workout. In the study nine cyclists were asked to bike, rest for four hours while drinking two to three glasses per hour of their assigned energy drink per hour and then cycle until exhaustion the next time. In each case, the performance of the cyclists who drank chocolate milk was similar to those who drank Gatorade and was better than those who drank Endurox. They repeated the trial three times and received similar results each time.

The response to chocolate milk didn’t surprise the researchers. The key to recovery from an intense workout is carbohydrates, they explained. Chocolate milk provides about 3 grams of carbs and 1 gram of protein in each glass. And it costs less than most sports drinks.