The problems caused by the proposed E-15 blend rate, which would increase the corn-based ethanol blend in gasoline by 50 percent, is the subject of a new Web site launched this week by organizations representing the meat industry, marine engines, food, environmental and ethnic groups.  
The Web site,, pulls together public comments, relevant research, news stories and opinion pieces about why increasing the corn-based ethanol blend rate from 10 to 15 percent is bad for engines, bad for the environment and bad for those concerned with food and feed issues. 

The site is sponsored by the American Meat Institute, Grocery Manufacturers Association, Natural Resources Defense Council, Environmental Working Group, National Marine Manufacturers Association, The Hispanic Institute, Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council, National Council of Chain Restaurants, International Dairy Foods Association, Snack Food Association, American Frozen Food Institute and the American Bakers Association.

The coalition is urging Congress and the Obama Administration not to increase the blend rate until independent tests show gasoline supplies containing more than 10 percent ethanol will not negatively impact consumers, engines, rural communities and the environment.

Source: American Meat Institute