U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services has launched a complete redesign of the E-Verify Web Interface that enhances its usability, security, accuracy and efficiency. The newly redesigned E-Verify features a clean and modern design, easy and intuitive navigation, and clear and simple language. A new home page, a reimagined case alerts feature, improved case management and a streamlined tutorial are among the dozens of enhancements that have been made to improve the E-Verify user experience.

Department of Homeland Security is making available to current E-Verify enrolled employers an I E-Verify seal that employers can post in a visible place-- for example, windows, doors, or bulletin boards-- to advertise that they are enrolled to use E-Verify to maintain a legal workforce.

In addition, E-Verify is now offering free, live webinars designed for existing users. If you would like an update on E-Verify's new features and a more advanced topic review, register for E-Verify for Existing Users. Topics include Form I-9, user roles, case alerts, and how to handle a tentative non-confirmation (TNC). You will also have a chance to ask the instructor questions. Sign-up and read about the various webinars offered.

Today U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services will begin issuing a redesigned Permanent Resident Card (Form I-551) commonly known as the Green Card. The new card will return to its original color, green, and include more security features.

Previous versions of the Permanent Resident Card with a current expiration date, as well as older versions that do not contain an expiration date, will remain valid. Beginning on May 11, new lawful permanent residents and those who apply to renew or replace their current card will receive the redesigned card.

USCIS Director Alejandro Mayorkas announced three new E-Verify civil rights initiatives: videos specially designed for employers and employees; a dedicated telephone number created to respond to employee inquiries; and a memorandum of understanding between USCIS and U.S. Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division.

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Source: U.S. Customs and Immigration Service