As California dairy farmers anxiously await a decision by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger on a farm overtime bill, different people are voicing their opinions.

On Thursday, The Modesto Bee came out with an editorial against the measure.

“(Senate Bill 1121) ignores the fact that most farmers — like most private-sector employers — will respond to this mandate by adjusting their work schedules to avoid overtime,” the editorial said. “More likely, employers will reduce the hours of current workers and hire part-time people to fill the gaps. And there are plenty of people looking for work, even farm work.”

The editorial goes on to say, “(Senate Bill 1121) imposes on a large private-sector business additional labor costs at what could not be a worse time. It’s as if legislators believe that the ag industry is rolling along just fine, immune from the bad economy. It’s not. Many West Side and south valley farmers are being squeezed by a shortage of water. Locally, the dairy industry suffers from plummeting milk prices and rising production costs.”

Read the entire editorial here.

Source: The Modesto Bee