Hurricane Katrina dealt a heavy blow to dairy farms in the southern parts of Mississippi and Louisiana. Many had to dump milk for days because route trucks weren’t making the rounds .Were it not for back-up generators, farms would not have been able to milk at all.

In response, a new relief fund named DFACares has been set up specifically to help these dairies. 

The fund has been set up as a charitable, non-profit corporation. It will serve as a mechanism to help dairy farms in need, whether it’s hurricane relief today or some other emergency in the future.

“We are asking anyone who is interested in helping dairy-farm families and other folks attached to the dairy community to contribute to DFACares,” says Don Schriver, executive vice president of Dairy Farmers of America.

According to DFA spokeswoman Agi Schafer, the fund will be used for dairy farmers in general, not just those who are members of DFA.

“We haven’t decided yet how the fund will be distributed, but we are working with state departments of agriculture” in the affected regions to determine funding priorities, she said. The money will go where the need is the greatest, whether it’s buying chainsaws, restoring fences or some other purpose, she added.  

Donations can be made by sending a check to: DFACares, Inc., Dairy Farmers of America,

10220 N. Ambassador Drive, Kansas City, Mo.64153