EPA Administrator Stephen Johnson says agriculture is the “producer of solutions, not the creator of problems.”

In his address to Pork Forum attendees last week in Kansas City, he listed the Air Emissions Agreement as an example of a solution. The program has 2,700 participants representing more than 7,000 animal-feeding operations.

Johnson contends this program is the quickest and most efficient way to provide background and data on livestock operations.

Before these agreements are final, EPA’s Environmental Appeals Board must approve them. Thus far, the EAB has approved 20 of the agreements. EPA officials will send the remaining agreements in batches to the EAB for approval over the next few months.

During his talk, Johnson also said that EPA would come out with a final proposal for Confined Animal Feeding Operations by late 2006 that will support the U.S. Second Circuit Court ruling.   

Another issue Producers need to keep an eye on IS air regulations that deal with particulate matter (dust particles) in the air. Right now, dust particles are defined as PM 2.5 (fine), PM 10 (course) and PM 10-2.5 (inhalable coarse). NPPC plans to file comments with EPA regarding potential sources of particulate matter, especially hog facilities.

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