Paul Berbaum of Champaign, Ill., and his “Auger Dolly” earned the grand prize in the Farmer Idea Exchange competition at the American Farm Bureau Federation’s 91st annual meeting.

Berbaum won a year’s use of a New Holland TV-145 Bidirectional tractor. New Holland has provided a year’s free use of a tractor to the grand prize winner for 20 of the 21 years the program has existed.

Berbaum’s Auger Dolly, allows an auger to easily be put in place. With the Auger Dolly, a farmer can roll an auger from the storage building and install at a bin in less than 10 minutes. The auger dolly can also be transported in a truck.

Three other top award winners of $500 apiece were recognized during the award ceremonies.

DeWayne Jones of Warren, Ind., developed the “most innovative” concept. Jones’s MOJO sprayer remote control is a radio-frequency remote control unit designed to direct the electric spray boom control valves on agricultural sprayers. It allows for more convenient inspection, maintenance and repair of the sprayer.

Bobby Joe Critchelow from McDaniels, Ky., developed the “most cost-effective” concept. Critchelow’s Mega Tobacco Stripping System is designed to help streamline the system of processing larger bales of tobacco. It helps large tobacco farmers stay productive and efficient while maintaining safety in the stripping room and ensuring the quality of the bales.

Floyd Simpson of Belmont, Ohio, developed the “most widely usable” concept. Simpson’s Tag-Sav-R is a device to safely unfasten two-piece livestock ear tags, rather than cut them out. Simpson uses it to preserve his farm-name stamped tags on feeder calves going to market and to correct tagging mistakes.

Source: American Farm Bureau Federation