A highly sensitive test to accurately detect bovine viral diarrhea virus (BVDV) is now available in the United States. For the first time, BoVir reagents and a proprietary lysis buffer is being used at the Kansas State Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory (KSVDL).

The BoVir reagents and innovative lysis buffer were developed by AnDiaTec of Germany, and are currently under national government contract use by the countries of Austria, Switzerland, Italy and German states.

The newly available BVDV test identifies and differentiates both persistent infection and transient infection, the two types of BVDV infection in cattle. Persistently infected cattle pose a considerable herd management problem, since these animals remain infected for life, often without the appearance or clinical signs of the disease. They shed large amounts of the virus and introduce the disease to other cattle.

The sensitivity and effectiveness of BoVir reagents and the proprietary lysis buffer is validated by European governmental reference labs for an ability to detect all 68 referenced strains of BVDV, including atypical European and American strains, such as HOBI and the H138 strains. The test also gives U.S. herd managers another key advantage in its ability to detect the virus even in newborn calves.

“BoVir reagents and the lysis buffer are highly sensitive and can detect viruses even within the first days of birth when maternal antibodies can mask the infection for up to 120 days,” says Johannes Kehle, AnDiaTec developmental geneticist and company owner,

He adds, “This unique lysis buffer eliminates the need for the costly, labor-intensive and time-consuming RNA extraction step. Even labs that expect to test over one million animals per year, or 4,000 to 5,000 tests per day, can rely on the accuracy of results, ease of processing and the fast turnaround that this lysis buffer provides.”

“We’re very excited to be the first U.S. laboratory to provide the AnDiaTec reagents to veterinarians and producers of Kansas and the surrounding states,” says Gary Anderson, KSVDL director. “In the past, PCR technology was viewed as too difficult, unreliable or too costly to run in a high throughput environment. However, now the KSVDL staff will effectively and efficiently use the simplified AnDiaTec reagents and automation to provide superior results and service for our clients.”

Both of AnDiaTec’s innovations — the BoVir reagents and the proprietary lysis buffer — are being distributed in the U.S. and worldwide by Enfer Diagnostics. The two BVDV test components have also been submitted to the USDA by Agriculture Professional Services for sale and distribution approval.

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Source: Enfer Diagnostics