On Tuesday, the Yolo County Board of Supervisors approved the expansion of Cache Creek Dairy to 2,800 cows, double its current size.

Opponents of the move say the decision was made without an environmental review and say it will create foul air and water, according to a story in the Sacremento Bee.

The Supervisors defended the action, saying they want to support agriculture in the county and added that the expansion was permitted in 1998, before current environmental rules were in place, but Cache Creek wasn't financially ready for such an expansion.

"You cannot even be outside some days because of the smell ...not to mention the mosquitoes," B.J. Smith, a neighbor of Cache Creek Dairy, told the Bee. "We're not opposed to the (dairy owner) making a living ... We just want him to abide by the rules like everyone else does."

Jack Kasbergen, the owner of the dairy, said he could not afford an environmental review and shouldn't have to since it had already been approved in 1998.