Michigan Farm Bureau President Wayne H. Wood released the following statement today regarding the governor’s  proclamation: 

"Governor Granholm's proclamation to recognize March 20 as "Michigan Meatout Day" is unconscionable and an insensitive slap in the face to Michigan's livestock and dairy farmers, not to mention Michigan's meat-eating residents.

“The rationale cited in the proclamation for encouraging residents not to eat meat is misleading and incriminating, as there is science to refute many of the claims raised. It's inconceivable to us that the Governor could stoop to this level of telling people what they should and shouldn't eat based on the philosophies of 'food elitists.'

“It'd be one thing if Granholm proclaimed a day to promote increased consumption of vegetables, fruits and whole grains. But the Governor clearly crossed the line in recklessly singling out meat products for non-consumption and belittling this wholesome source of protein when, in fact, the USDA Food Pyramid Guide, our country's most respected dietary guideline, recommends two to thress servings of lean meat per day depending on your age.

“Even more unbelievable is the Governor's nerve to declare "Michigan Meatout Day" on the same day as National Agriculture Day, which is a coveted and historic occasion to recognize and celebrate all sectors of our nation's agriculture industry. Her action is blatantly degrading to Michigan consumers and farmers, and is destructive to Michigan's entire $71.3 billion agriculture industry.

“The fact that Granholm's proclamation states unfounded facts and allegations toward meat products indicates the Governor's desire and willingness to court special interest groups to the demise of a major state industry."

Source: Michigan Farm Bureau