Delegates to American Farm Bureau Federation's annual meeting last week reaffirmed their commitment to a market-oriented dairy program, and adopted policy language calling for expansion and re-authorization of the Northeast Interstate Dairy Compact, and authorization of the proposed Southern States Dairy Compact.

Approved by the Secretary of Agriculture in 1996, the Northeast Interstate Dairy Compact permits Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut and Rhode Island to negotiate higher milk prices than those prescribed by federal milk marketing orders.

In addition, Farm Bureau delegates approved policy language stating "the next farm bill should focus on a consistent, long﷓term market﷓oriented farm policy." They reaffirmed opposition to potential mandatory government supply and acreage-reduction programs.

Delegates said new farm policy should rely less on government, allow farmers to take "maximum advantage of market opportunities," encourage production decisions based on market demand and
develop new risk-management tools to address income and revenue fluctuations.