Farm Sanctuary has released a research report that addresses highway accidents in the United States involving livestock. The consumer activist group has submitted this report with recommendations to more than 40 industry and government officials calling for a proper reporting structure and establishment of protocols to protect livestock during transport.

Farm Sanctuary conducted a survey of media archives to locate information about livestock transport accidents and identified 233 accidents for a recent six-year period.

The 233 accidents included in Farm Sanctuary's report occurred in 44 states. States with the highest number of accidents in the survey include Kansas with 23 accidents, Texas and Pennsylvania with 14 each, and Missouri with 13. Virginia and California had 12 each.

The group’s recommendations to the U.S. government and industry include:

  • The U.S. government and animal agriculture industry should track animal transport accidents and their causes. Information about transport accidents should be made available to the public and used to help prevent future accidents and to improve the treatment of animals affected by these accidents.
  • The trucking and animal agriculture industries should design trailers with a reduced risk of rollover and eliminate double-decker trailers. Drivers of animal transports should be educated about the prevention of tractor-trailer rollover. Federal and state government should enact limits on the duration of animal transport journeys and on animal stocking densities and require two drivers for lengthy journeys.
  • States and counties should develop accident protocols that include the provision of emergency veterinary treatment by government or private practitioners. All states should enact veterinary "Good Samaritan" laws.
  • The animal agriculture industry should develop accident protocols and emergency teams to respond to the scene of major transport accidents.
  • State and county governments should hold first responder training in animal rescue, care and handling.

You can access the full Farm Sanctuary report at, Farm Sanctuary news release