One farmer in California’s central valley is planning on selling his 14,000 acre-feet of water per year to the Mojave Water Agency in San Bernardino County for $5,500 per acre-foot, reports the Hanford-Sentinel. That pencils out to $77 million.

According to the article, the water bought from the farmer will likely be used for urban development. One acre-foot can supply a typical home for one year.

There is concern that this will become a common pattern in California, as water becomes a more valuable commodity than crops.

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Source: Hanford-Sentinel

This involves the sale from one water district to another, which could set a troubling precedent. Instead of the water being used to grow crops in the central valley, it may be used for urban development in southern California. Sales like this could be a threat to the future of agriculture in California.   — Megan Pierce, associate editor.