Farmergy, a new energy solutions company, has opened its doors to offer farmers, ranchers and rural homeowners the tools and expertise to efficiently select and implement innovative energy systems for increased productivity and profitability through clean, environmentally friendly solutions.

So called "alternative" energy solutions are not new to rural America. Farmers and ranchers have harnessed the wind to hydrate their livestock and irrigate their crops for centuries. But a lot has changed since the first iconic windmills appeared across the American landscape.

Energy expenses are accounting for an ever-increasing portion of overall production costs. Looking for ways to gain efficiencies and boost their bottom line, farmers and ranchers are turning to alternative systems to power out buildings, livestock waterers, and cooling and ventilation systems. In addition, livestock producers depend on reliable sources of energy. A loss of electricity that powers ventilation systems or water-heating applications, for instance, can have a devastating impact on poultry, pork and dairy operations.

While the adoption of clean-energy solutions offers tremendous benefits, the challenge lies in sorting through the literally thousands of choices that are available to find the individual tools or packages that are right for you. There are also a number of government programs to encourage adaptation of alternative-energy systems, from grants to tax credits to favorable financing.

This is where Farmergy can help. Farmergy uses a proprietary system called SmartEnergy PRO to help production agriculture and the rural community in making sound agri-environmental decisions that improve production and profitability.  Via qualified consultants it can help:

  • Accurately assess your energy needs and opportunities.
  • Develop a blueprint for your clean-energy system.
  • Identify and capitalize on available grants, tax credits and favorable financing.
  • Put you in contact with a trained and certified installer who can source and implement your customized clean-energy system.

Farmergy also offers its clients the tools to evaluate clean energy systems based on their potential return on investment. To learn more about the services offered, go to: www.

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