WASHINGTON – Farmers Union members Eunice Biel and Allen Lund participated in the fifth and final joint workshop hosted by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and Department of Justice (DOJ). The workshop focused on discrepancies between the prices farmers receive and the prices consumers pay. Workshop participants gave explanations for the price differences and suggested possible solutions for narrowing the gap.

“National Farmers Union (NFU) is pleased to have two participants in today’s workshop to represent U.S. family farmers and ranchers,” said NFU President Roger Johnson. “Eunice and Allen are both very knowledgeable in their respective areas and gave great insight into the disturbing trends in both the dairy and livestock industries.”

Biel is a member of Minnesota Farmers Union and owns a dairy farm with her husband, Robert, in southeastern Minnesota. She spoke on a panel entitled “Margins in the Dairy Industry,” which discussed levels of the dairy supply chains, offering explanations for recent trends and the effects of those trends.

Lund is an independent cattle producer from North Dakota and a member of the North Dakota Farmers Union. He spoke on a panel entitled “Margins in the Livestock and Poultry Industries,” which looked at trends in the beef, pork, and poultry industries, and discussed the division of the retail dollar. The panel also gave possible explanations for changes and the margins in which the market participants operate in general.

“We commend USDA and DOJ for hosting these workshops, which gave producers an opportunity to discuss the problems in the dairy and livestock markets,” said Johnson. “We hope that these workshops highlighted the need to fix these broken markets and provided enough information so that further steps can be taken to help family farmers.”

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