Earlier this year, Dairy Herd Management carried an article about a dairy worker who was killed when a hay loader overturned and landed on top of him.

Often, we are reminded of just how dangerous farming can be.

Now, Forbes magazine has identified farming and ranching as the fifth deadliest occupation, with a fatality rate of 39.5 per 100,000 full-time workers.

Commercial fishermen have the deadliest job, with a fatality rate of 128.9.

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Source: Forbes

When we report on fatal farm accidents — like we do several times a year — we don’t want it to appear that we are being sensational or callous. But running those items reinforces the fact that farming is a dangerous occupation. Hopefully, people will remember that when working around heavy machinery, bunker silos (with an avalanche threat), or manure-storage areas (where noxious fumes can develop).  Another way of looking at it: farmers and ranchers have a higher fatality rate than policemen, firemen, truckers and other potentially dangerous occupations.— Tom Quaife, editor