Monsanto Company announced today that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved full production of POSILAC® bovine somatotropin (bST) at its manufacturing facility in Augusta, Georgia .

“Full FDA approval of our Augusta facility is good news for U.S. dairy producers who choose to enhance the profitability of their operations with Posilac bST,” said Kevin Holloway, president of Monsanto’s dairy business.  This new plant will help improve the reliability of the supply of Posilac, which has been limited during the last two years due to a lack of manufacturing capacity. In addition, it will allow Monsanto to meet the unmet demands of current and new customers who want to use the product.

Product release will be conducted in three waves over the next couple of months, explains Holloway. The first wave to receive additional product will be existing customers with unmet demand. The second wave will be producers who are already on the waiting list. And the final wave of customers to receive product will be new customers who have yet to call in to be placed on the waiting list.

To be placed on the waiting list, or to find out more about the Posilac supply, call Monsanto’s CustomerCareCenter at (800) 233-2999.

 "The Augusta plant will start making Posilac for U.S. dairy producers immediately,” said Deborah Small, Director of Manufacturing for Monsanto’s dairy business.  “Posilac also is manufactured at an FDA-approved facility in Austria.  FDA approval to formulate and package Posilac at our Augusta plant allows production at both locations.”

Monsanto employs over 200 people full-time at the Augusta facility, which is the largest pharmaceutical-grade protein manufacturing facility in the world.  Construction of the plant was started in 1998 and the FDA approved the plant to produce the active ingredient in Posilac in August 2003.  Now the plant has full approval to formulate and package Posilac for use by dairy producers.

Monsanto Company