The federal government has announced that the current I-9 form, showing an expiration date of June 30, 2009, will remain valid until a formal request for an extension of the expiration date is pending. 

It is anticipated that the request for an extension of the current form will be approved, and a new form showing a new revision date and expiration date will be issued later this year.  Other than the changes in date, the form will remain the same.

Once the new form is approved, forms showing the June 30, 2009 expiration date will continue to be valid and may be used.  As long as the employer uses the form with a revision date of February 20, 2009, the form will be acceptable.  Forms with a revision date earlier than February 20, 2009 may not be used. 

Editor's note: This information is to provide  current labor law updates and should not be construed as legal advice. Contact your attorney for more specific information. 

Source: Anthony Raimondo, McCormick Barstow