In November, the Mid Atlantic region is collaborating on an educational program for nutritionists and consultants interested in learning how to become a certified Feed Management Planner/ technical service provider (TSP).  The workshop features specialists from Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia, and is scheduled for Nov. 12 at the Grantville Holiday Inn in Grantville, Penn., from noon to 5 p.m.

The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) has defined feed management as one of the core 6 elements of a Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plan that would be required of permitted Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations.

Organizers say the program is the first step in making consultants aware of what is involved in the certification process and how a feed management plan can be a valuable component of a nutrient management plan. There are also opportunities for this concept to be used on non-CAFO dairy operations to help minimize nutrient excretion and to improve overall herd profitability.

The workshop will outline the process for evaluating the opportunities that merit the development of a feed management plan. Tools will be demonstrated that can assist in evaluating an operation's whole farm nutrient balance, cost of manure transport and effects of diet on manure nutrients. Also, examples of feed management plans written for dairy operations in Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia will be reviewed.

This workshop is in conjunction with the Penn State Dairy Cattle Nutrition Conference. More details on the program and registration can be found at:

Or you can call: Virginia Ishler at (814) 863-3912; Rick Kohn at (301) 405-4583; or

Charles Stallings at (540) 231-3066.

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