Better late than never. That’s what many are saying about the USDA finally releasing the first allocation for the Dairy Export Incentive Program.

The DEIP program runs from July through June, but for some unknown reason, the USDA waited until September to release the first allocation and has chosen do to it in small pieces instead of all at once.

The initial DEIP allocation will make available 17,050 metric tons of nonfat dry milk, 5,274 tons of butterfat and 757 tons of various cheeses when the invitations for offers are issued. The remaining tonnage will be announced in additional allocations prior to June 30, 2003.
Total DEIP allocation, available under the Uruguay Round, is 68,201 metric tons of nonfat dry milk, 21,097 metric tons of butterfat and 3,030 metric tons of cheese.

Export sales of these products will be facilitated through the payment of bonuses by USDA's Commodity Credit Corporation. Sales of nonfat dry milk, butterfat and eligible cheeses will be made through normal commercial channels at competitive world prices.

Information about the DEIP, including invitations for offers when issued, is available on the Internet at or by calling the Operations Division, Export Credits, FAS, at (202) 720-3224 or (202) 720-6211.