At times when the milk price is in such a poor state, we’re all losing money, it is very easy to loose focus on the important things in life. The employees at Forget-Me-Not Farm in Cimarron, Kan., didn’t forget what was important earlier this year when one of their co-workers was in need.

One of the dairy’s employees, Manuel Pichilla, learned that he had a significant-sized tumor in his stomach and needed surgery to remove it. Manuel was in intensive-care for three weeks and off work for more than two months.

“I was approached by one of our managers on the dairy. He said there were a few employees who would like to donate some money to Manuel and his pregnant wife,” says TJ Curtis, manager of Forget-Me-Not Farm. Curtis told the manager that whatever the employees raised the dairy would match.

The very next day, the manager came back to the office with a list of employees who wanted to donate money for Manuel. All 65 employees donated money, raising $1,200 for Manuel. “I was taken back and touched that every single employee donated money,” says Curtis. The dairy matched the funds, donating more than $2,400 to Manuel.

“It was truly a heart-warming experience for us as managers and owners to see our employees pulling together to support one another. We had never experienced something like this before,” says Curtis. “It was a great example of the principles and guidelines that our dairy represents and operates by.” When an employee starts at Forget-me-not Farm, he or she receives a welcome letter that goes over the guiding principles of the operation.

Manuel has a long road to recovery ahead of him, but he is back to work at the dairy washing towels. “We are very proud of our employees for what they have done for Manuel and his family.”