The FresnoUnifiedSchool District's board of education passed a resolution last week that urges the county to enact a healthy dairy ordinance with meaningful air-quality standards in order to protect the health of Central Valley communities.

"We're so pleased that the board has gone on record in support of clean air standards," says retired Fresno physician Lee Snyder. "This further shows the importance of making sure our community's health is protected from the influx of mega-dairies and the air pollution that they have the potential to cause."

Fresno County officials are currently crafting an ordinance establishing clean-air standards for new large dairies. As many as 50,000 new dairy cows are expected in Fresno county over the next five years.

Several concerned parents spoke in favor of the resolution at the school board meeting, urging board members to lend their voices to the call for action.

Fresno Healthy Dairy Commission/PR Newswire