Scientific representatives from the global dairy industry recently met to review the latest research on milkfat and to discuss strategies to achieve a more balanced view of milkfat by consumers and health professionals.

The workshop, which was organized by Global Dairy Platform in suburban Chicago, featured presentations on the current state of milkfat research from an epidemiological and clinical perspective, with emphasis on cardiovascular disease risk factors. Participants also reviewed current public health/dietary recommendations, as well as the regulatory environment for saturated fats, trans fats and cholesterol from North American, Australasian and European perspectives.

The outcome was a wide-ranging strategic plan, which, once fully implemented, will aim to improve the perception of milkfat.

 “The first priority will be to develop our scientific understanding by completing a review of the existing studies on milkfat”, said Greg Miller, executive vice president of innovation at Dairy Management Inc. and one of the workshop leaders. “Some of the research already indicated that milkfat or dairy foods may not have the same effects as saturated fat on cardiovascular disease risk, which we intend to develop further and substantiate”.

The next strategic priority will be to package and communicate the science to GDP members to take to health professionals, news media and the food industry, explained Kevin Bellamy, GDP executive director.

 “As a new force in the global dairy industry, GDP will work to strengthen industry communications and collaboration in tackling this vital issue”, Bellamy said. The organization will create partnerships to address pre-competitive research agendas and priorities, help to expand expertise and access to information, develop a consensus on external messages and establish efficient and effective communication mechanisms, he added.

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