Today, Genex Cooperative Inc. (Genex) and Cooperative Resources International (CRI) and Monsanto Company announced a marketing agreement for Genex/CRI to market Monsanto’s new product, Decisive™ semen for Advanced Gender Selection.

“With Genex and CRI providing top quality genetics and Decisive™ improving the odds of getting a heifer calf from 50/50 to 85 percent predictability, producers will be able to accelerate genetic advancement and improve overall herd quality in one generation,” said Kevin Holloway, President of Monsanto Dairy. “Genex and CRI also deliver industry-leading conception rates. This combination will allow Decisive™ semen to deliver gender predictability with the top quality genetics and reproductive performance producers need to build a better herd.”

Monsanto will install Decisive™ sorting equipment and provide technicians on-site at Genex/CRI facilities and begin sorting semen this fall. Genex/CRI will then conduct a series of field trials to collect additional data before Decisive™ semen is made available for sale. The on-farm data collection will help confirm the ease of use, consistency of results, and proof of overall reproductive performance of Decisive™.

Genex/CRI plans to start distributing Decisive™ semen on a commercial basis through its network of employees and distributors around the world during the second half of 2006.

“By the end of next year, producers worldwide will have the option of buying Decisive™ semen from dairy and beef bulls with breed-leading genetics,” said Doug Wilson, Chief Executive Officer of Cooperative Resources International. “This will give producers the option of selecting for heifer calves with the high quality genetics and overall reproductive performance they expect from Genex/CRI.”

Decisive™ semen for Advanced Gender Selection results from a process that will sort high genetic merit semen from Genex/CRI on a large scale. The production process identifies and selects healthy sperm cells with the desired X or Y chromosome resulting in semen that produces predominantly female offspring. Decisive™ semen will predictably produce heifer calves more often and will maintain the reproductive performance expected from using Genex/CRI semen.

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Monsanto, Genex/CRI