If starlings have become a problem on your operation this winter call on USDA’s Wildlife Services for help.

Producers can receive technical assistance to assess the level of the starling problem and discuss control options for their operation for free. Any control options a producer decides to use, including pesticide application, is paid for by the producer. If you opt to use DRC-1339, a pesticide licensed for use by WS personnel, or by those trained and certified by WS personnel, you can hire WS to conduct the application. To learn more about starling control using DRC-1339, go to: www.aphis.usda.gov/ws/technotes.html

Or, you can contact your state Wildlife Services office by calling this toll-free number: (866) 4-USDA-WS. The automated system recognizes the area code you are calling from and connects you with the Wildlife Services office in your state.