Ohio State University’s Department of Animal Sciences and the College of Veterinary Medicine are holding an Animal Welfare Symposium, "Building Partnerships to Address Animal Agriculture," on Friday, Oct. 16 at the university's Nationwide and Ohio Farm Bureau 4-H Center in Columbus, Ohio.

Well-known animal-welfare experts and social scientists from around the world will discuss the scientific, ethical, legal and social contexts embedded in the animal-welfare debate.

“Animal welfare is a prominent issue in Ohio and the United States and even the world. It's a topic of interest to producers, consumers, veterinarians, health-care professionals, legislators and anyone who has a stake in sustainable animal agriculture,” says Naomi Botheras, animal-welfare program specialist for Ohio State University. "Because it is such an important topic that affects a lot of people, it's important to become educated about the issue, participate in the conversation and get involved in the decision-making process."

The symposium is an opportunity for people to hear a wide range of animal-welfare perspectives, hear what other people are doing and discuss what needs to be done. “It's also a chance to learn from other countries about how they have handled animal-welfare issues, so we don't have to reinvent the wheel or more importantly so we don't make the same mistakes they've made," she adds.

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Or contact Melissa Weber, director of communications and marketing for the College of Veterinary Medicine, at 614-292-3752 or e-mail: weber.254@osu.edu

Source: eXtension.org