The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) wants the dairy industry to stop pushing high-fat milk in schools.

While the group agrees that milk is a healthier choice for kids than sodas, it believes kids should only be offered milk products that are low in saturated fats.  That means only low-fat and fat-free dairy beverages could be served in schools.

In addition, a group of 200 nutritionists and researchers are urging dairy producers to work with schools, USDA and Congress to supply only 1 percent or fat-free milk in schools — both in the lunch line and in vending machines.

The Child Nutrition Act, which provides funding for school lunch programs, is currently up for reauthorization in Congress. In late March the House passed the Child Nutrition Improvement and Integrity Act which for the first time gives schools the flexibility to offer all varieties of milk – including flavored and lactose-free varieties – on the school lunch line. Although a step in the right direction, opponents of the bill say schools could still offer whole and 2 percent milk in schools.

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Center for Science in the Public Interest