E.I. Medical Imaging will host an introductory bovine ultrasound wet lab training course Feb. 12 -13, in Tulare, Calif.

This two-day Bovine Ultrasound course is deigned to teach the basic skills and
techniques of successful bovine ultrasound. The class combines lecture and practical hand-on experience in a live bovine environment with skilled instructors guiding techniques to improve knowledge and skills of bovine ultrasound. The teaching focuses on but is not limited to; benefits of using ultrasound on a dairy, economic value of using ultrasound over palpation, familiarity with the Ibex portable ultrasound system, bovine anatomy, diagnosing reproductive structures (i.e. uterus, ovaries, cysts, corpus luteums, pregnancy, fetal structures, fetal sexing, etc). All ultrasound equipment will be provided by E.I. Medical Imaging.

Space is limited, call (866) 365-6596 to register or email: info@eimedical.com.

Source: E.I. Medical Imaging