A new one-stop source for heat-stress management information is now available online. The “Monsanto Heat Management Resource Library” contains information on more than 15 topics related to heat-stress management, such as:

  • The biology of heat stress.
  • Methods of minimizing heat stress in different climates.
  • Water quality and availability.
  • Fan placement and selection.
  • Heat-stress economics.
  • Heat-stress feeding strategies and health.
  • Priorities for reducing heat stress.
  • Heat stress and reproduction.

The resource materials include a combination of articles, slide-show presentations and references. Additional library topics will be added throughout the year.

To check out the materials, visit the Monsanto Dairy Business Web site, located at: www.monsantodoc.com

Once there, you will need to log-in or sign up to become a new member. Then, use the pull-down menu to select “Dairy Management — Tool Boxes.”

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