The reasons for using artificial insemination are many.

“Artificial insemination provides genetic advancement within the herd, such as conformation and milk production, ensures monitoring of semen quality and fertility of AI bulls, eliminates the spread of venereal disease, provides farmers with information on calving ease to reduce problems with dystocia, provides a merchandising advantage for AI-sired heifers, and offers better control of the time when heifers calve,” says J.W. Schroeder, North Dakota State University extension dairy specialist.

He adds that the major reasons for not using AI for heifers is the perception of lowered conception rate for AI, a time commitment for heat detection, the need to keep heifers at an inconvenient location and the lack of restraint facilities.

Therefore, if problems associated with daily estrous detection limit the use of AI, then dairy producers should give serious consideration to using a synchronization program, Schroeder says. A variety of systems are available, one of which should suit your specific herd situation.

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Source: North Dakota State University